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Simple Feast – A customer-centric meal box subscription

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Subscription Case #2

By Niels Vestergaard

Last week, we went through the subscription metrics of the powdered food producer Huel, which utilized a lot of the modern ways of running a subscription business. This week will be a little less technical, and with a more personal focus from my end. It’s time to talk about meal boxes.

Meal box subscriptions have exploded in the last five years and for me, this concept offered instant appeal. Skipping the daily grocery madness that happens at 5 pm seemed like a dream for me and my limited skills in the kitchen are yet another argument to have a meal box coming in every week. And it seems I’m not alone. The meal box delivery market is estimated to reach $64.4 billion dollars in 2030, which is probably why there are so many competitors out there!

I’ve tried a few of the most popular meal box subscriptions and mostly, my experience has been positive. I’ve tried out Marley Spoon and HelloFresh, which are some of the largest players in the market, but today, I’d like to talk about a homegrown Danish brand called Simple Feast. I’ve tried it out a few times, and there is more than one reason that I’ve picked them for a Subscription Case Study today.

Convenience – The subscription metric to rule them all

Like my generational peers, I value convenience as one of the most important subscription metrics out there. I am a busy guy, or at least I feel that way, and if I can eliminate time spent on laundry, transportation, grocery shopping, and cleaning, I will. When meal boxes started coming to Copenhagen a few years ago, a lot of people realized that they could give them something they desperately need – return on time.

Having my groceries delivered at home allows me to stay a little longer for work. I don’t have to decide what to cook, since it has already been decided by professionals and since I’m basically a child with a credit card and insurance, the pedagogical recipes supported by pictures make me feel safe embarking on a culinary creation experience.

I’ve just described any meal box out there. So, what sets Simple Feast apart? Well, mainly the case that most of the meals are already more or less prepared when they show up at my door. Simple Feast guarantees a cooking time of 15 minutes or less, and you mostly just have to cook some pasta or heat vegetables in the oven. Now that’s what I call convenient.

Simple Feast is vegan – and truly sustainable

Another difference from other meal boxes is this one – Everything is vegan! And if there is anything I’d never be able to do by myself, it is coming up with a vegan dish for dinner – and that’s where Simple Feast helps me out.

In my experience, eating vegan is extremely boring if you don’t know what you’re doing. And finding sources of protein can be tough. So, if there ever was a need for a tailored meal box, Simple Feast meets it. They help you create a lifestyle change – and that’s my main point of today.

As we talked about earlier, lifestyle changes are really, really hard to cultivate. Changing my diet to being solely or even partly vegan is a task that I could never overcome, and that’s why Simple Feast sets itself apart from competitors – they are not just helping me, they are educating me! They are helping me to uphold a more sustainable consumption pattern and that makes them important to me – since I wouldn’t know how to do it on my own!

As a subscription geek, it’s this kind of connection I’d like to have with a membership – a partner that makes my life easier, more careless, and helps me make the right choices.

More than a meal box?

If you ever met me or anyone else from Subscrybe, you might have noticed our constant talk about “The Forever Promise”. It’s this idea that a subscription should have a right to exist in your life indefinitely by becoming a part of who you are. So, what am I subscribing to when I’m subscribing to Simple Feast? Is it a meal box or is it the convenience of having prepared food showing up at my door once a week?

No. I am subscribing to a vegan lifestyle and ultimately, creating a better world for my future children. And if I’d like to keep doing that, I’ll have to stay subscribed to Simple Feast – forever… That’s a value proposition if I’ve ever seen one!

Naturally, Simple Feast realizes that this is the promise they make and, therefore, they diversified a little bit. They now offer a collection of ‘Essentials’, so I can be sure that even my pre-made soups and sauces are sustainable, vegan, and ecological. This reinforces the feeling that Simple Feast has my back – even when I don’t have time to cook!

The result is a customer-centric subscription

The above-mentioned metrics lead to an important conclusion: Simple Feast is customer-centric. They understand that putting together a subscription offer is about meeting the customers where they are. Modern marketing is about communicating what problem you solve. And as a subscription company, you should always strive to solve even more problems for your subscriber. If you keep solving problems for people, they tend to start liking you. And if they like you, chances are, they will stay subscribed.

That’s a customer-centric approach and that’s the way to recruit loyal subscribers to your subscription business and make them stay there.

Make it easy for them to make the right choice – and they will.

I, for one, like the right choice. How about you?