I believe that subscription is a better business model for companies and customers and that more and more companies are entering the subscription economy. This is a development that I would like to promote.

In 2011 I founded Subscrybe after more than 20 years in the media industry, in which I have worked with subscription sales, innovation and business development across newspapers, magazines and digital media.

At Subscrybe, I am working with innovation and business development and creating new subscription concepts – or developing existing ones. At the same time, I would like to help our customers in operating and strengthening a better subscription business across products, systems and customers.

I would like to contribute to the awareness of the possibilities in the new subscription economy. For that reason, I have written How to build a subscription business and a large number of articles about how companies can be inspired by new subscription ideas.

I am have a MSc in economy from Aarhus University and today I live in Dragør with my wife and my two, soon to be grown-up, children. Privately, I am concerned with everything that you can subscribe to, for example, fine food, cars, fitness, books, magazines and news. In fact, at last count, we had 50 subscriptions at home! And even then, I probably forgot a few of them.   /   +45 40 29 45 34   /  Connect on Linkedin


I am a true believer! The subscription model, which, in recent years, has been growing in every type of industry, is interesting to me – as a Subscryber and also personally.

As Subscryber, I am particularly eager to innovate subscription solutions for non-traditional subscription industries, e.g. the retail industry. To help skilled retailers with entering the subscription economy and thereby securing their businesses is extremely exciting. That is why I am especially proud of our invention Føtex ØKO+ in collaboration with Denmark’s most talented retailers, as well as the flower subscription for Interflora and the effective “second-hand” subscription at DBA+.

However, I am also shaped by the work and development of people. Besides my MBA, I am educated as a schoolteacher and have been working with salesmen throughout my entire career. For that reason, the development of, for example, customer service is very exciting – especially because great customer service is essential for today’s and tomorrow’s successful subscription businesses. At the same time, customer service is becoming the subscription businesses’ most important sales channel.

In private, I am married to Line. Together we have Bastian, Karla and Vilfred, and we live in Højbjerg near Aarhus – close to the woods of Marselisborg, where I relax on my mountain bike, which is not subscription-based yet – but I’m working on it! In contrast, our car is a genuine subscription car from Hessel Hire.  /  +45 31 66 67 76 /  Connect on Linkedin


A well-managed subscription concept gives you strong customer growth, high profitability and creates great value for both customers and business owners. At Subscrybe, we have developed an effective method for building successful subscription concepts, introducing these concepts to the market and developing them further.

I like working across all industries – but with the subscription economy as the common denominator. Like my colleagues, I am results-oriented on behalf of the customers, and I strive to help create value for both the business owners and employees through innovative projects that strengthen the company’s position.

I have worked with subscription concepts throughout my entire professional career. As Director at Aftenposten, I was in charge of the areas that characterise a good subscription product: Concepts, sales, systems, distribution, customer service, CRM and analysis.

Then, I worked as a partner in a software company that develops subscription systems, market/CRM systems and web solutions to customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The dynamics that arise at the intersection of market and technology are exciting and challenging – and it is important to always stay ahead in the market. I’m probably too old to be able to call myself a true “native”, but I’ve been working at the intersection of technology and market for thirty years.

I am a graduate of economics from the Norwegian School of Economics, living in Kolbotn with my wife, Helene, and I have three adult children. /  +47 90 58 14 29 /  Connect on Linkedin


I am a big advocate for the subscription model, and I’m glad to see the many products and services being launched as subscriptions daily. I’m especially excited when I see subscriptions launched with a focus on enriching the customer and making the consumer’s everyday life easier.

Privately, I’m an avid consumer of many different subscription solutions and I enjoy the opportunity it gives me to liberate myself from ownership. It gives me mental freedom and the possibility of evaluating and change my preferences as I go.

Professionally, I’ve been working with subscriptions for the last 12 years, within the media and telecommunications business. Here, I’ve been working with all aspects of the subscription business – all from the creation of new subscriptions to onboarding, loyalty-building, retention, up-and cross-sales, and win-back. This I’ve done as a specialist and a manager. Most recently as Senior Director of Commercial Management at YouSee.

I’m especially concerned with how companies optimize their subscription business and take advantage of the unique opportunities that the subscription model offers in respect to creating close relations with the customers with the goal of increasing the customer value and create lifelong relations.

I live on Østerbro in Copenhagen with my wife, Jane, where we enjoy making use of the many cultural experiences that the city has to offer. In the summer, we spend many of our weekends in our vacation home, where I like to get my hands dirty and grow my own vegetables. I’m a bonus dad for Daniel, who’s 22. He moved away from home, but luckily, he also lives at Østerbro. / +45 24 61 88 60 / Connect on LinkedIn


When I meet new people, and I ask them to tell a little bit about themselves, I’ve always asked people what they subscribe to.

Initially, it was mostly newspapers and magazines, but for me, the subscriptions you choose is such a significant part of yourself that you chose to subscribe to it.

I am a technical product owner and I understand all of the technical components in a subscription business. Whether it’s a start-up company with a subscription idea or an existing company that wants to change or add to their business, this always invites for a lot of great questions on the IT setup, where I can ask all the necessary questions.

I’ve been in charge of the technical implementation of subscriptions at Matas and of the launch of the podcast and E-book service, Chapter, from Gyldendal. So, I’m a broad, technical project leader profile with a vast business understanding and a healthy amount of creativity. I’m graphically strong, have a good UX understanding, and always put the user at the center.

Privately, I’m a creative geek that enjoys getting away from the screen. I play a lot of board games, I’m a passionate photographer and I always enjoy outdoor experiences – both on my bike, in my running shoes and with a trekker’s backpack. / +45 26 79 67 94 / Connect on LinkedIn

Trond Erik de Flon, Senior Consultant

I have close to 15 years of experience within membership organizations and media, most recently as Marketing Director at Dagsavisen. I offer strategic and operational experience with running a profitable subscription business that will last for many years

In addition to competencies with pricing, value propositions, and reporting, I’ve worked a lot with acquisition, customer retention, and customer win-back through the development of automation processes.

Furthermore, I always work with more personalization and stimulation for increased subscription use, through digitalization and the use of data in different channels, with a goal of more relevance and customer satisfaction. These aspects have been central in my work with subscriptions.

I always make sure that the customer is at the center and that their needs are covered over time, in order to create a long-lasting and profitable subscription product – both for the customer and for the supplier.

Privately I’m married and have three kids. We live close to Østmarka outside of Oslo and this is where I do my cycling and running.

As a father of three, I prefer subscriptions that make my life a little easier and make everyday life run more smoothly. Mainly in the shape of food deliveries and apps that make family planning easier for everyone. / +47 97 66 45 67 / Connect on LinkedIn


I’ve been working professionally with subscriptions for almost 15 years. I started my subscription career in 2007 as Product Director for mobile in TELMORE. This led to 10 very exciting and challenging years in the TDC Group (now Nuuday) in different management roles, where I’ve been working strategically and tactically within the many disciplines of the subscription industry. Recently, I’ve been part of the daily management of BroBizz A/S, where I’ve worked as Director of Consumer Market & Partnerships.

Throughout my career, I have worked out a well-proven toolbox and I have a special interest in how the subscription is effectively activated with go-to-market- and channel strategies. At Subscrybe, I work primarily with the optimization of existing subscription concepts, both economically and managerially in the organization.

In my spare time, I spend time with my family Sofie, Aksel, and Ellen – the last two being in the daycare age which, naturally, keeps us busy. We enjoy living close to nature with forests and water, where the four seasons offer many activities. / +45 61 71 07 00 / Connect on LinkedIn


As a consultant, I have experience working with various industries and companies around Europe, where I have been part of the development of user experiences. Something I constantly noticed was that many companies were curious about the subscription-based business model and subscription services. I also noticed that more and more consumers were switching to the subscription-based model.

I will bring my previous experience on user experience and optimization with me into my role as a consultant at Subscrybe. My focus is to work on making products and services more user-friendly and easier for both our customers and for the end-user. An optimal subscription service saves time, money and is sustainable for the environment.

Things I can do: Communication, marketing, user experience, branding

Things I can’t do: Football, motors, quantum physics, singing and Esperanto

Things I like to do, when I’m not working: Climbing, hiking, cooking, exercising and traveling / +47 916 40 587  / Connect on LinkedIn


Subscriptions have filled my life for a long time. Both professionally and as a consumer.

As a consumer, I subscribe to increasingly more products and services every month. Subscriptions that have become indispensable for me in my everyday life – mainly a sea of subscription services and the meal box Simple Feast that makes my daily life so much easier. Subscriptions come in all shapes and colors, but the common denominator for my subscriptions are flexibility and convenience.

For the last 6 years, I’ve worked professionally with subscriptions in the telecom company 3, as a commercial manager of digital services and partnerships focused on the private market. Through this, I’ve learned more about “the engine room” behind 3’s subscription business, as well as other services like music services, streaming services, insurances, software and so on. I have created value propositions for 3 and its partners. With my many years in the subscription world, I’ve experienced that a successful business is lucrative for both the company and the consumer. I’d like to expand this notion myself.

Privately, I’m mostly focused on my family, my 3-year old daughter Esmaralda and yoga. And as soon as the opportunity presents itself, I’d like to go traveling again. I’m currently dreaming of three weeks in Japan… But less could do the trick.  / Connect on LinkedIn


One of the most interesting aspects of how we choose to spend our money is that we tend to seek solutions that give us ongoing value. There are many explanations why, but my explanation is that I like ‘buying in’ to something and take a stand on something else than price. When you’re a subscriber, you don’t just buy a product or a service, but you buy into the company that serves you and you give them your trust. This puts extra pressure on the company and the buying situation and this is where it gets exciting!

I have a background from Telia and TDC and have been part of many levels of the subscription journey that the telecom business has gone through. Here, I’ve functioned as a product executive and worked with the end-to-end experience for customers. I’ve been commercially responsible for a new onboarding/self-service platform for Telia and I’ve controlled the strategy for different product groups and infrastructures at TDC.

At home and in my spare time it is mainly the family and the active lifestyle in focus. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes and techniques. If I can get into nature and cook over a fire, I am happy as a clam. / +45 20 29 50 00 / Connect on LinkedIn