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New book aims to help companies in the Subscription Economy

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Written by Morten Suhr Hansen

In 1998, Reed Hastings, a former math professor and successful entrepreneur, launched a brand-new company that quivered and completely turned the entire movie and television industry upside down, also affecting many other industries. Netflix was its name. A company that, from day one, was based on a subscription model. During the next 20 years, the company became an industry-giant with more than 130 million subscribers and currently has a market value of more than 150 billion dollars.

Almost simultaneously, two Danish entrepreneurs, Thomas Harttung and Søren Ejlersen, established a company named Aarstiderne (English: The Seasons), which also was subscription-based from the beginning.

The company sells organic food and initially focused on selling fruit and vegetables. Since then, Aarstiderne has developed continuously and now provides different meal-box solutions, as well as fruit, vegetable and bread boxes, among others. However, the business model is the same – subscription.

These companies are just a few (among many) examples of companies with a subscription-based business model, which have influenced countless industries worldwide. Just think of Spotify within music, Amazon Prime in retail and Zipcar within mobility.

But what do you do if you have a good idea for a new product or service, that you would like to sell as a subscription? What do you do if your existing business model is transaction-based, and you wish to become subscription-based instead? What to do if you manage a subscription-based business, but you wish to improve your business activities?

These questions are answered in the book How to Build a Subscription Business, which has been published in a new and updated edition.

The book is written by Morten Suhr Hansen, founder and CEO of Subscrybe. The book is published on, the international e-book company. As such, the book is available to the entire world. The first edition of the book was published in 2014. Since then, more than 200.000 readers across the world have downloaded and read the book.

How to Build a Subscription Business is a business model, which, through seven stages and 29 tangible steps, instructs the reader on how to build a subscription model from scratch. However, the business model can also be used to analyse and improve an existing subscription-based business. The book gives a thorough introduction to the model and guides the reader through all the steps.

In addition, How to Build a Subscription Business contains useful and interesting inspiration. A number of articles provide deeper insight into topics such as membership models in addition to subscription-based models and why young consumers are more interested in subscriptions than other consumers. There is also an appendix, which provides insight into 50 of the world’s most successful subscription businesses. For instance, companies such as Dollar Shave Club, MoviePass, The New York Times and Strava are introduced.

Get your free copy of How to Build a Subscription Business here.