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Subscription Talks: The Champagne Box

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Subscription Talks #1

The Champagne Box was created by couple Dinna and Michael Arbo. Michael is a passionate champagne geek and Dinna has created a unique community around their champagne subscription, serving the purpose of spreading the knowledge around and love for champagne.

Creating an experience:
For a long time, Michael has been extremely passionate about champagne and a large part of his work consists of visiting champagne farmers and choosing just the right champagnes for The Champagne Box.

Naturally, the company hosts champagne tastings that have the purpose of bringing subscribers and interested consumers into the world of champagne – as opposed to drinking champagne just a few times a year.

“Champagne is an experience. It’s not a must for people to have tasted tons of champagne and know all the right labels. As long as they have the desire to try it out. I enjoy hosting tastings with people who are curious about it and who are tasting good champagne for the first time. The experience that we’re able to give them and being able to share that moment with them. It actually touches me deeply to be able to offer this experience.” – Michael Arbo

A unique forum:
Dinna Arbo has chosen to focus on an exclusive Facebook group for subscribers of The Champagne Box and she tells us that the users are extremely active and interested in helping each other. This way, The Champagne Box has managed to cultivate a very engaged community that helps each other with practical matters and with choosing the right champagne for special occasions.

“Our subscribers help and recognize each other and cheer each other on. It is the first site I open, when I get up in the morning, just to get one of those feel-good moments. People help each other out, with both champagne and everything around it. How to transport a bottle to France if they are going on vacation or which dish to serve for a bottle of specific champagne. Very often, our members answer inquiries, before we do and it makes our customers the best ambassadors we could ever hope for” – Dinna Arbo

An incredibly low churn percentage:
Dinna and Michael report that it is very rare that their members unsubscribe. During the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for self-pampering at home and this has worked out well for The Champagne Box.

“We are extremely privileged that people stay with us for many years. When we get back the questionnaires from the cancellation process, the primary reason for unsubscribing is that our customer is pregnant or perhaps, lost their job. And then we get a comment saying: “I’m not really leaving, naturally I’ll be coming back!” So, we have a surprisingly low churn percentage!” – Dinna Arbo

Behind the success:
On LinkedIn, Dinna has honestly told the story of life as an entrepreneur and how it takes its toll to grow a business at the speed that she and her husband has. Even though they love champagne and their daily schedule, there have been times, when entrepreneurial life has been hard.

“Obviously, you have high standards for yourself, and you need to if you want to create something that people want to receive on a regular basis. This results in setting the bar extremely high and you do this, especially if you have a lot of respect for your product and your subscribers. This entails that, when you have a long-lasting relationship with someone, you can’t just start slacking on what you do. It’s important for me that what we say aligns with what we do, meaning that when you subscribe to us, we’re accessible and quick and that should be the experience that every single subscriber gets.”

“For example, we’ve made a big deal out of being personal and human. I myself, write personal cards to every one of our subscribers, thanking them or saying welcome. And even though it’s time-consuming, it’s the best investment in the world, because we underline the fact that we are personal, and it is us as founders that communicate. This ensures that we don’t just become another business, like the others.”

The Champagne Box:
The Champagne Box offers a subscription box with 2 unique champagnes, delivered monthly or every other month.
A box costs 90 dollars and the first box includes a set of two champagne glasses, recommended by Michael for the best drinking experience.
All champagnes are handpicked by Michael in France and the box includes descriptions and ideas for use, every single time.