I believe that subscription is a better business model for companies and for customers, and that more and more companies will enter the subscription economy in the near future. It is a development I would like to promote.

In 2011 I founded Subscrybe after more than 20 years in the media industry, in which I have worked with subscription sales, innovation and business development across newspapers, magazines and digital media.

At Subscrybe I am working with innovation and business development and creating new subscription concepts – or developing existing. At the same time, I would like to help our customers in operating and strengthening a better subscription business across products, systems and customers.

I would like to contribute to the awareness of the possibilities in the new subscription economy. For that reason, I have written How to build a subscription businessand a large number of articles about how companies can be inspired by new subscription ideas.

I am educated cand.oecon from Aarhus University and today I live in Dragør with my wife and my two, soon to be grown-up, children. Privately I am concerned with everything that you can subscribe to, for example, fine food, cars, fitness, books, magazines and news. In fact, we have 38 subscriptions at home the last time we counted! But then, we probably forgot a few.   /   +45 40 29 45 34   /  Connect on Linkedin


I am a true believer! The subscription model, which in recent years is growing in every type of industries, is interesting to me – as subscryber and personally.

As subscryber I am particularly eager to innovate subscription solutions for non-traditional subscription industries, e.g. the detail industry. To help skilled retailers with entering the subscription economy and thereby secure their businesses is extremely exciting. That is why I am especially proud of our invention Føtex ØKO+ in collaboration with Denmark’s most talented retailers, the flower subscription at Interflora and the effective “second-hand” subscription at DBA+.

However, I am also shaped by the work and development of people. Besides my MBA, I am educated schoolteacher and have also been working with salesmen throughout my whole career. For that reason, the development of, for example, customer service is very exciting – also because great customer service is essential for today’s and tomorrow’s successful subscription businesses. At the same time, customer service is becoming the subscription businesses’ most important sales channel.

In private, I am married to Line. Together we have Bastian, Karla and Vilfred, and we live in Højbjerg near Aarhus – close to the woods of Marselisborg,where I relax on my mountain bike, which is not a subscription, but I am working on it. In contrast, our Citroën Cactus is a genuine subscription car.  /  +45 31 666 776 /  Connect on Linkedin


With generations of business acumen in my blood, relationship building, and the good customer experience have always meant a lot to me. The same qualities have an essential part in a subscription business, in which the demand for long-term customer relationship must ensure a strong subscription economy and the subscriber’s good experience with the brand must be spread through today’s strongest marketing model – Word of Mouth.

After having worked with the sales and customer service for many large companies and organisations for the past 11 years as an internal and external consultant, I now wish to develop the whole customer journey. That is why I in January 2017 chose to become a part of Subscrybe.

As subscryber I work with the whole subscription business, both on a strategic and innovative level, but also with the business optimisation and execution in sales and customer service channels.

I live in Risskov in Aarhus with my wife and two children. / +45 53 85 38 99 / Connect on Linkedin


Subscription models have always been a huge part of my life, and since 2005 I have been engaged in companies focusing on this. I have worked with digitalisation of the media industry at Berlingske Media, been in charge of sales strategy at the telecom company Telmore, and most recently I was the COO and CMO at, where my areas of responsibilities were widely spread across the organisation’s value chain.

Personally, I have a lot of different interests and thus many things I would like to accomplish.

In these situations, subscriptions help me not only to create structure, but also to practice everything that brings pleasure to everyday life.

At Subscrybe, my primary focus are the media, telecom and insurance industries, but I work with almost every industry in the field of sales execution, performance management and digitalisation. I have a strong preference for watching the effects of our projects, and therefore I am most often involved in the implementation phase with our clients.

I appreciate being with friends and family, and I play a bit of music and keep myself in shape by running in the morning. In addition to this, I brew beer in a microbrewery that I helped to establish in 2017. / +45 42 20 86 85 / Connect on Linkedin


I see freedom as the most valuable aspect of subscription. Creative freedom. Freedom to change, experiment, give and receive, rethink and innovate. I appreciate this sense of freedom in my work at Subscrybe, but also at home.

I am interested in the intersection of communication, HR, marketing and management, and I believe that storytelling is what glues them all together. At Subscrybe, I am engaged by the subscription story engages, and how storytelling can be used as a strategic management tool internally in organisations wishing to change, experiment and/or innovate with subscription models.

Besides my job at Subscrybe, I am writing my Master Thesis in International Business Communication at Copenhagen Business School.

I live in Nørrebro with my partner. I love traveling to different destinations around the globe to constantly challenge my own perceptions, whether it is family visits in my second home in Gambia, or in an unexplored part of the world. My dream is to become proficient in Spanish and an excellent salsa dancer. / +45 60 22 19 42 / Connect on Linkedin


For me, as a student, subscriptions make up big part of my financial commitments. To me, subscription is equivalent to convenience. By subscribing my everyday life becomes easier, as I can access what I need, when I need it. I see that as freedom an as an opportunity to tailor the solutions for my exact needs, without compromising on quality or price.

My greatest competences are within communication. I see communication as the link between relationships, and I believe that this link also applies to subscription businesses.

The communication field is continuously becoming more and more digital and this requires new and innovative ways of retaining customers. Digitalisation gives rise to innovative ways to approach subscription, and that is where communication can play a crucial role for the customer’s choice.

As an organisation that operates in an international landscape, it is important to take notion of cultural and linguistic barriers, whether you communicate across Scandinavia or southern Spain. That is the reason why I took a bachelor in Intercultural Market Communication and Spanish at Copenhagen Business School and now studying IT at Aalborg University Copenhagen.

I live in a neighbourhood North-West of Copenhagen with my partner. In my spare time, I work out and go to concerts as often as I can. I’m a giant sports nerd, when it comes to football and American football, and the latter is a big passion of mine. / +45 27 51 27 70 / Connect on Linkedin


Time for tea and tea for two – or ten.

In my world, tea is a wonder drug. Are you cold? Have a cup of tea. Are you sad? Have a cup of tea. Are you tired? Have a cup of tea? Are you sick? You’ve probably guessed it, have a cup of tea. But the best of all is that tea is something you can give to others. It is not always easy knowing what to say when someone is going through tough times, but a cup of tea is like a warm hug from within.

Who wouldn’t like to invite their friends or grandma over for a cup of steaming hot delicious tea and freshly-baked cookies? Tea is “hygge” and togetherness. Tea is peace in everyday life. And tea is a culinary journey you can venture on alone or together with others.

The universe of tea is an endless fairytale filled with lovely smells, flavours and colours and no matter where in the world you are, you can always find tea. I am a globetrotter by heart and I’ve travelled across the world. In India, I was served homemade chai tea with milk and a symphony of spices. In Chile, the dinner consisted of a cup of fresh tea and a piece of bread. In Argentina, I was always offered a cup of maté, which is drunk with straws and has so many traditions around it that it almost has become religious. In Peru, I drank coca-tea to counteract altitude sickness. And in Spain, my English friend typically served an English Breakfast Tea with milk and sugar.

When I’m not studying tea, I study a MSc in Digital Design & Communication at IT-University of Copenhagen – or travel the world. Originally, I’m from the countryside and I love open spaces and nature, but for the last five years, I’ve lived in Copenhagen, where the city’s pulse calls for new adventures and experiences every day.  /  +45 28 30 24 04  /  Connect on LinkedIn