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Out now! Subscrybe’s brand new strategy report: SUBSCRIPTION RETAIL

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Written by Benedicte Lykke Larsen

At Subscrybe, we have seen how the subscription revolution has become a megatrend. You can subscribe to beauty and health products e.g. from Matas and Goodiebox, binge-worthy series from TV 2 Play and Netflix, and even to mobility provided by the likes of Swapfiets and Dribe. In addition, the subscription-based model is propagating in the retail industry. In our new strategy report – SUBSCRIPTION RETAIL – we focus on just that.

In the report, we dig deeper into the reasons why the subscription-based model has become a preferred business model for many retailers and in e-commerce. Without revealing too much, you will, for instance, be able to read about how the subscription retail market has grown by more than 100% a year over the past five years! In addition, subscription-based businesses in retail are valued six times higher than companies operating a traditional transactional business model.

The subscription-based business model is often considered a win-win model for businesses and customers alike – and you will gain more insight into why this is the case.

In the report, we also shed light upon why and how Amazon Prime, Graze, Aarstiderne, Dollar Shave Club, and Bark Box have succeeded as subscription-based retailers.

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