In 1998, Reed Hastings, a former math teacher and successful entrepreneur, launched a brand-new company that, within a few years, quivered and completely turned an entire industry upside down. Shortly before this rebellion, Hastings had been charged $40 for returning the movie Apollo 13 late to his local film and video game rental store. From that frustration, the idea of an entirely new way of renting and distributing video films arose, and that way the subscription-based company Netflix was born. The rest is history.

By 2017, Netflix reached 100 million subscribers worldwide. Netflix is, thus, one of the strongest examples of how the subscription revolution is continuously spreading.

In the US and several other countries, Amazon has been heavily involved with e-commerce. We have seen this with the Amazon Prime subscription solution that provides 80 million customers with free shipping and a lot of other benefits. In 2016, after just five years, and after having sold a total amount of 3 million razor blade subscriptions, Dollar Shave Club was sold to Unilever for 1 billion USD. By now, the subscription revolution permeates a range of industries.

In Denmark, during the last few years, companies like Dansk Supermarked and Interflora have introduced new subscription solutions, thus they follow the new subscription economy with other successful companies like Aarstiderne,, TV 2 Play and Endomondo.

At Subscrybe, we believe that good subscription solutions create a better world for both companies and their customers. We believe that more and more companies will subscribe to subscriptions, and this is a development that we will help to promote. We wish to help non-subscription companies in developing new, exciting and profitable subscription solutions, and existing subscription companies in running a better business. That is why we work to constantly develop the right solutions with and for our customers.

Perhaps your company already enjoys being a subscription business and may need inspiration to further develop. Perhaps your company is not yet a subscription business - and then it is time to get started. Because if you are not planning to move towards subscription, your competitors most likely are.

The subscription revolution is well underway!