Each of our customers is unique, which is why our projects are carefully developed in collaboration with our customers and with respect for the challenge we face.

We work equally dedicated across innovation, business development and operations and on both a strategically, tactical and operational level.

We see ourselves as skilled subscription craftsmen with a strong focus on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities. Optimisation of the existing business, therefore, always goes hand in hand with the development and implementation of new, innovative solutions.

Below you will find several examples of projects which we typically engage in:

The innovation of subscription models

We innovate and contribute to new subscription concepts and development of existing subscription businesses by focusing on content, prices and packages.

Read about our innovation of subscription models in collaboration with Interflora and Dansk Supermarked.

Business review

360-degree review of the subscription business including analysis, diagnosis and recommendations. We describe AS IS and map an ambitious TO BE.

Read about our collaboration with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening.

Loyalty concepts and dialogue programmes

A subscription business is only valuable when the life span is prolonged. We assist in dialogue development- and loyalty programmes and in the implementation of retention initiatives.

Read more about, how we have helped TV 2 Play to strengthen loyalty.

Lead management and sales optimisation

We work goal-oriented with lead generation and customer segmentation as a point of departure for performance management and optimisation of sales efforts across all channels - both inbound and outbound.
Read more about, how we collaborate with Egmont Publishing on strengthening their sales performance.

The membership journey

A modern subscription business engages in a continuous dialogue with its customers. We help to review all touchpoints and develop the most engaging membership journey.

Return of lost customers

De The most accessible and excellent customers to sell to are often those, who know the product best, namely former customers. We develop and implement strategies for win-back of former customers.

Payment optimisation

We help to ensure the appropriate payment solutions. Selection and implementation of payment solutions and implementation of invoicing and reminder flow.

Subscription systems

Selection and evaluation of subscription-, sales- and CRM systems, and assistance in the implementation of different technical solutions.

Subscription budgets and forecasts

Construction and implementation of financial- and budget models incl. the business’ most important KPIs that ensure the management an overview of the subscription business.

Read more about, how we help Kristeligt Dagblad manage their subscription business.

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