//Tuesday d. 27.09.22

Subscription Case – Formula One

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By Niels Vestergaard

In this article series, I try my best to find unique stories and original perspectives on the subscription economy. And a novel interest of mine sparked the idea for an unexpected episode of Subscription Case.

Before the launch of the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”, I, like many others, had little to no interest in Formula 1. I remember it running in the background of my childhood home, but never once had I sat down to spectate a Grand Prix. It seemed the sport was intangible; I didn’t know any of the drivers and it seemed like a glorified pastime for billionaires racing around circuits all over the world.

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//Wednesday d. 31.08.22

HubSpot – A CRM platform and a well-oiled subscription machine

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Subscription Case #4 – HubSpot

This series of articles is not about B2C subscriptions alone and after having studied two delivery services, I thought it was about time to include a Software-as-a-Service solution. Many of us use a SaaS solution in our day-to-day work and there is a reason why this model has created some of the world’s most successful subscription companies.

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//Tuesday d. 2.08.22

Rent The Runway – Futuristic Clothing Consumption

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Subscription Case #3

By Niels Vestergaard

In this edition of Subscription Case I’ve found something really special. Perhaps one of the bravest, most unique, and visionary subscription offers you can find in the world today. We’re gonna talk about a service that doesn’t just grant you access to otherwise unobtainable products, a service that has the potential to shape the way we consume clothing in the future.

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//Monday d. 30.05.22

Huel – A Modern Subscription Brand

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Subscription CASE #1

By Niels Vestergaard

The market for meal replacements has been around for quite a while and with a collective market value of almost $12 billion dollars, new brands are still coming to the party.

Historically, the industry has been accused of profiting on false hopes of weight loss and that liquid replacements for real meals have never been a good idea. But today there are a few brands that deliver replacement products that work fine with a varied diet. At least if you ask the experts.

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