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In a highly pressured TV market, Denmark’s largest commercial broadcaster, TV2, has managed to generate rapid growth for the streaming service, TV2 Play. Since the relaunch of TV2 Play in 2012 – until then, the service was called TV2 Sputnik – the number of subscribers has grown from approximately 50.000 to more than 350.000. In 2016 alone, the number of paying subscribers grew by more than 30%.

In the entire period from 2012, TV2 Play has had an on-going collaboration with Subscrybe regarding different development projects, where the purposes have been to continuously develop and optimise the underlying business and professionalise methods and systems.

One of the biggest projects has been the implementation of a holistic solution for CRM and Campaign Management, in which Subscrybe prepared the initial strategy and business case and identified relevant suppliers and partners.

Other projects between Subscrybe and TV2 Play has included:

  • Strategy in connection to the relaunch of TV2 Play
  • Development and implementation of retention strategies
  • Product packaging and pricing structure
  • Development of new loyalty concepts
  • Optimisation of payment processes
  • Support in the recruitment process of CRM specialists

It is expected that the traditional TV market will continue to lose market share to streaming services and changing viewer habits, but with an innovative and development-oriented strategy, it seems as TV2 stands strong in facing the challenges with its Play product.

Klaus Andersen, commercial director at TV2 Play, says: ”I have worked together with Subscrybe for several years. I would like to emphasise two specific points that make me excited by collaborating with the consultancy:

First and foremost: Speed. When it comes to sparring on bigger projects or ideas, Subscrybe is extremely fast to put a new idea into a strategic perspective. In practice, this means that TV2 Play and I can call a consultant and get a quick clarification of how the idea has a commercial value to my subscription business – quite often during our first conversation. I am convinced that their speed and focus is caused by their enormous experience across industries. If I am to propose an idea to our management, Subscrybe can build a bulletproof business case on your ideas in no time.

The other thing I really value is the width of their competencies. Recently, I had to recruit a CRM dialogue specialist, and I chose to discuss it with Subscrybe as I expected they knew the stars in the sector. Correct! After searching a couple of months without any luck, I hired the perfect candidate with help from Subscrybe. I can only recommend Subscrybe if your ambition is to grow as a subscription business, both to beginners in the world of subscription and to others like me, who has been working with subscriptions for many years.”

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If you would like to learn more about this case, please contact CEO Morten Suhr Hansen by telephone + 45 40 29 45 34.