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With more than 700 magazines and weekly papers in more than 30 countries, Egmont Publishing is one of the biggest players in the publishing industry. In Denmark alone, Egmont Publishing counts more than 20 weekly papers and magazines, which range widely across all audiences.

Subscription is nothing new to Egmont Publishing. Subscriptions, as we all know it, in terms of a weekly or monthly delivery of reading material to the doorstep, originate from the publishing industry. But with the increased free access to digital reading material, it is important for Egmont Publishing to always optimise their business to retain the circulation of their weekly papers and magazines and to ensure the high quality of the content. This is done, for example, by ensuring optimal development of two primary customer touchpoints: Customer service and sales channels.
To ensure this development, Egmont Publishing has, since 2011, chosen to have a close collaboration with Subscrybe.

It is said that a company’s brand is derived from all of the company’s customer touchpoints. There are gradually fewer and fewer personal customer touchpoints today, but the customers of Egmont Publishing can still call Customer service to get help with a payment or to unsubscribe.

The focal points for the collaboration with Subscrybe are to optimise the subscription business. For example, this is done in Customer service by decreasing churn through the retention of subscribers and by providing training of sales technics to internal and external employees. Furthermore, Subscrybe provided Egmont Publishing with training in conflict management to employees in Customer service. The collaboration also concerns sales execution creating higher conversion of subscribers from campaign prices to normal prices, enhancement of payment rates and assurance of optimal onboarding of subscribers, in which payment solutions with recurring payment such as PBS and MobilePay subscriptions are essential.

Since the beginning of the collaboration in 2011, Subscrybe has worked with Egmont Publishing within the following areas:
• The innovation of a digital platform to weekly papers and magazines.
• Selection and management of the telemarketing agency as external sales channels.
• Development of sales strategy.
• Preparation of sales- and performance analyses
• Training and education of employees internal and external in communications.
• Lead management.
• Developed price models, structures of payment and performance tools.

In the close collaboration with Subscrybe, Egmont Publishing is ensured a constant focus on both development and optimisation of the subscription business.

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