Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

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Business Review as a point of departure for growth in the membership base

Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation, is the largest voluntary nature and environmental organisation in Denmark with a total of more than 130,000 members scattered in 95 local departments across the country.

When Subscrybe encountered Danmarks Naturfredningsforening they had a decreasing membership base, which they naturally wanted to change into membership growth. Therefore, a project was agreed upon, where Subscrybe was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing membership business and provide recommendations to how the decreasing membership base could be turned into an increasing membership base.

Danmarks Naturfredsningsforening wanted a project, in which the recommended initiatives were very specific so it would be easy to implement them fast in continuation of the project. The project was set for close collaboration so that the organisation at Danmarks Naturfredningsforening would be a part of the project the whole time.

It was decided to have a guiding objective for the whole collaboration: The membership base at Danmarks Naturfredningsforening should reach 130.000 by the end of 2018.

The analysis of the membership association was created by a thorough process, which among other things included:
• Critical review and analysis of the existing membership association, based on numbers and other written materials
• Observations and interviews in the organisation and with business partners to evaluate the existing performance
• Development of an economic business case model to the projection of the business and a feasibility study of the recommendations
• Conclusion note: Analysis of the current membership association.
• Development workshop with relevant employees from Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
• Specific recommendations for improvement of the existing membership association

The result of the project was 13 specific recommendations, which subsequently could be implemented in the association.

With the recommendations from the collaboration, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening has succeeded to create membership growth. In fact, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening reached above the objective of 130.000 members at the beginning of 2017 and the number is still growing.

The analysis, the relating list with the 13 recommendations and the plan to execute them, gave Danmarks Naturfredningsforening courage to invest more resources to increase the membership base and sharpen the prioritising of the efforts in the daily practice.

Lene Smith, marketing director at Danmarks Naturfredningsforening says about the project: “The collaboration with Subscrybe resulted in recommendations to efforts directly capable of implementation, and which gave immediate results. It was a pleasure to get thoughts and contributions from consultants, who know ‘what it is all about’.”

If you would like to hear more about this case, please contact CEO Morten Suhr Hansen on tel. +45 40 29 45 34