Better Banners: Subscribe to ongoing peace of mind

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Better Banners aim to create ongoing and noticeable value for all customer types through long-term relationships.

In brief…

Digital marketing is growing and especially internet displays, paid search and banner ads are at the forefront. Together, these make up for approx. 11 billion DKK of the total marketing budget in Denmark at the end of 2019.

Better Banners is part of this growth but wants to increase its market share and become a stronger player in the market. At the end of 2019, Better Banners saw great potential in subscriptions and started focusing more on ongoing customer relationships, rather than campaign and project sales, which have previously been the company’s main focus.

Based on Better Banners’ existing product portfolio, there is a basis for creating an attractive subscription product that can, among others, gives Better Banners’ customers higher visibility, high ROI and customer insight.

The task

Better Banners, a digital banner agency, has chosen to challenge the classic and static ad format with live online ads and animations. This is expressed through the products: Standard Display and Rich Media banner ads, dynamic campaigns and Social Media ads.

Better Banners thinks, designs, builds and dreams of innovative banner campaigns, where the ultimate goal is to maximize the potential of the advertising campaigns that are handed over to the agency’s many customers. At the same time, there was a desire among Better Banners’ organisation to move towards a more predictable business model, which also supports the long-term and continuous customer relationship.

Therefore, Better Banners has contacted Subscrybe. Trough a 4-day innovation sprint, Subscrybe and Better Banners developed a subscription concept that aims to strengthen the ongoing customer relationship, ensure financial growth in the business and make the dividends visible to a larger part of Better Banner’s customers.

About Better Banners
Banners Better Banners is a digital marketing company founded by Klaus Mogensen in 2011 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Better Banners focuses, as the name suggests, on digital banner production and currently employs 13 people. Visit Better Banners here.

Subscrybe was given the responsibility to facilitate the development of a completely new and innovative subscription concept, which should:

  • Ensure a new and deeper understanding of where Better Banners creates the most value for customers, which is used both to optimize the company’s sales approach and the development approach in relation to products and services.
  • Develop Better Banners’ first subscription concept with a focus on customer outcome.
  • Ensure that various subscription concepts were researched and evaluated.
  • Create a concept that focused on customer convenience.
  • Ensure that the concept worked for all customer types.

The process: a 4-day sprint

Phase 4: Qualification Better Banners chose to perform independently

The subscription concept

Better Banners’ subscription concept is based on a point system where subscribers can use points across to pay for the services that Better Banners offers.

The point system creates high flexibility for the subscribers (or customers), which was one of the most important value-creating elements among existing customers. In addition to this, as a subscriber, you get a number of benefits that make the overall experience at Better Banners even better and more efficient.

The result

Since the launch of the subscription concept at the end of 2019, Better Banners has onboarded more than 20 customers and over 40% of the business is now based on subscription revenue.

Founder and CEO Klaus Mogensen expects Better Banners to have just over half of the business based on the subscription model by the end of 2020. For the business, Klaus emphasizes that more energy can now be used in creating value for the customer:

“The fact that we do not have to perform in terms of sales, but instead focus on the value we create for the customer, is a much better starting point than we had before.”

Especially during COVID-19, Better Banners has experienced a great advantage from the subscription model, where Klaus says: “Based on our recurring revenue, we are entering a month with a small profit and we could see that even if our sales were reduced to nothing, we would still survive due to our subscription customers.”

Want to know more?

Contact Subscrybe Director: Jonas Juul Jeppesen on tel. +45 31 66 67 76 or jjj@subscrybe.com.