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//Monday d. 19.07.21

Where can you find the perfect mobility solution?


By Morten Suhr Hansen

At the time of writing this, I’m sitting in the backseat of a car going through the Austrian alps, on my way to our vacation spot in Tuscany. A couple of years ago, there would have been no reason to start an article with a triviality like this. But right now, Europe is opening after 15 months of lockdown, due to a pandemic. There are lots of cars on the road again and this was also the case in Denmark, in the days before our vacation. After a lengthy lockdown and a lot of working from home, we have regained our mobility. Once again, we are moving across cities and regions, when going to work or private appointments.

This is a good reason to focus on the many mobility solutions that tie together our work life and vacations. Also, in this aspect of life, we as consumers choose to relieve ourselves of ownership and instead, choose pay-as-you-go or subscription-based transportation solutions.

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//Tuesday d. 4.05.21

How would you like to be surprised next month?


By Morten Suhr Hansen

Every month, more than 80,000 Danish women get a little extra luxury in their everyday life, when they receive the monthly subscription delivery from the company Goodiebox. Each month, subscribers receive a box filled with attractive beauty products. That is, different products from month to month and always at a collected value far exceeding the 199 DKK that a Goodiebox costs.

At Goodiebox, you subscribe to a specific type of products. But you also subscribe to something far greater than that. You subscribe to a little extra joy in everyday life. ‘Unboxing happiness’, is what Goodiebox calls the experience that they deliver to their members.

It’s not just in Denmark that Goodiebox has become a success. The Danish startup is now available in nine European countries and each month, it is sent to about a quarter-million members across Europe.

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//Thursday d. 8.04.21

Hvad vil du gerne overraskes med næste måned?

Subscription poV #10

Af Morten Suhr Hansen

Hver måned får flere end 80.000 danske kvinder en lille ekstra forkælelse i hverdagen, når de modtager den månedlige abonnementsleverance fra firmaet Goodiebox. Hver måned får abonnenterne nemlig en boks med lækre beauty-produkter. Vel at mærke, forskellige produkter fra måned til måned og altid til en samlet værdi, der langt overstiger de 199 kroner, som en Goodiebox koster.

Hos Goodiebox abonnerer man altså på en bestemt type af produkter. Men man abonnerer også på langt mere end dét. Man abonnerer på overraskelsen og på forkælelsen. Man abonnerer på den lille ekstra glæde i hverdagen. ’Unboxing happiness’, kalder Goodiebox selv den oplevelse som de leverer til deres medlemmer.

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