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We believe that subscription is the business model of the future and we want to be leading within consulting, innovation and business development of subscription-based companies. We help our Danish and international customers in developing new subscription concepts, strengthening their subscription businesses and creating stronger customer relationships.

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//Monday d. 10.02.20

Looking Into The Crystal Ball: 10 Important Subscription Trends You Can Expect This Decade

Written by Morten Suhr Hansen

At the beginning of a new decade, it’s hard not to look back on the one that has passed, and it is especially interesting to put your ‘subscription glasses’ on and wonder about what the future will bring.

Just think 10 years back. Back then, Netflix was an American company that mainly lived on mailing DVDs to its customers in the US. Spotify was a small Swedish start-up that hadn’t even launched in most countries. Surprise boxes were not even a thing at that time. In addition, none of the tech giants had subscriptions on their radar. At the beginning of the 10’s, the subscription model was mostly reserved for newspapers, telecommunications companies and gyms.

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//Wednesday d. 31.07.19

Inspiration case: How has Rapha succeeded in creating a strong community?

Written by Benedicte Larsen

Rapha and Harley-Davidson. Two companies – each from different eras of time and industries. However, they still have something very special in common. Both companies have managed to create a club (or community) of dedicated and loyal members, who pay a relatively high annual fee to become a part of these communities. Creating a community with a membership-fee is an interesting and different way of thinking ’The Network Model’, which is one of the nine subscription models, we work with at Subscrybe. In this subscription model, the value increases as the number of members increase. You can compare this to LinkedIn, who also use ’The Network Model’ – it’s no fun to be on this platform, if no other members were using it, right?

In the following article, we dive into exactly what these companies have done to create their communities, focusing on one of the latest and most hyped communities, Rapha Cycling Club.

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//Friday d. 5.07.19

Out now! Subscrybe’s brand new strategy report: SUBSCRIPTION RETAIL

Written by Benedicte Lykke Larsen

At Subscrybe, we have seen how the subscription revolution has become a megatrend. You can subscribe to beauty and health products e.g. from Matas and Goodiebox, binge-worthy series from TV 2 Play and Netflix, and even to mobility provided by the likes of Swapfiets and Dribe. In addition, the subscription-based model is propagating in the retail industry. In our new strategy report – SUBSCRIPTION RETAIL – we focus on just that.

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