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We believe that subscription is the business model of the future and we want to be leading within consulting, innovation and business development of subscription-based companies. We help our Danish and international customers in developing new subscription concepts, strengthening their subscription businesses and creating stronger customer relationships.

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//Tuesday d. 21.09.21

Norway is a subscription leader in the making


By Morten Suhr Hansen

The past few weeks, I’ve been working from our Norwegian office in Oslo. We started the Norwegian office of Subscrybe back in 2018 and since then, the office has grown and now consists of four strong consultants who work closely with the Danish consultants to help larger Scandinavian businesses to succeed in the subscription movement.

During the corona crisis, our collaboration was limited in a virtual space. Therefore, the reopening of both Denmark and Norway has been a perfect opportunity for me to place myself in Norway for a longer period of time and work closely with my Norwegian colleagues on exciting projects. At the same time, it has given me the opportunity to come closer to Norway, as a subscription nation.

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//Monday d. 6.09.21

Learn from some of the most successful subscription businesses

Subscription poV #12

By Morten Suhr Hansen

These days, I am putting the finishing touches on a whole new book, coming in September. ’The Subscription Movement and How to Succeed In It’ is the title of the book that follows ‘How to build a subscription business’ that was published first in 2014 and in a second edition in 2019.

So why am I writing a new book about the huge subscription movement that is taking over countries and industries? Because the development is happening so fast! And we are starting to feel that there are almost no companies alive right now, who aren’t thinking about how to strengthen the relationship with their customers and build certain, recurring revenue streams. What lies behind this development, I attempt to uncover in my new book.

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//Tuesday d. 24.08.21

What will your company subscribe to in the future?


By Morten Suhr Hansen

An exciting and interesting trend has hit our office here at Subscrybe with growing strength. More and more companies getting in touch with us, are B2B-companies, interested in offering their products and services in some form of subscription.

It hasn’t always been like this! The great subscription movement from the 2010s was centered around large, consumer-focused areas, with media and entertainment as the leading industries. Since then, a long line of retailers jumped on the wagon and today, companies like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon (with Amazon Prime) are mentioned as the brightest stars in the subscription sky. But perhaps that picture will look completely different 5 or 10 years from now.

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